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Here's the view from my 'gym' – it's from the top of the hill I climb most mornings as part of my daily exercise. Living on Hong Kong Island as I did for 19 years, my stress levels had been rising steadily for some time to the point that my fuse was so short the [...]

A recent study has shown that your brain uses the time you're asleep to wash away toxins that build up during your waking hours. We've always known that sleep is a vital factor in maintaining good health – in fact sleep deficiency has been linked as a contributing factor to heart attacks, cancer, strokes, diabetes [...]

I read an interesting article on the BBC website today: it explained that a recent study has found that exercise may be as good as medication for treating people with heart disease. It went on to explain that that doesn't mean we all have to rush off down to the gym and start lifting weights [...]

In 2006 I slipped a disc in my back – not nice. As part of my recovery I went for some sessions at a sports injury clinic and learnt some core strengthening exercises – exercises that strengthen the internal muscles that lie near your bones and joints. Strengthening those muscles, I learnt, would give better [...]