Articles on General Wellness and Running a Home Business

The excerpts below are all from articles on either general health or running a home business.

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I was first introduced to natural medicines by a doctor I met in the late 90's. At that time I had a stratospherically high cholesterol level, which I happened to mention in passing to someone at the gym I was using. He, in turn, mentioned the name of Brian Walker who, I was told, had . . . Read more

I’m in the Oil Business..!

Well, essential oils that is. The company for which I had been marketing an anti-inflammatory product for a period of about 18 months closed its operation in Hong Kong recently, leaving me high and dry (and nursing my plantar fasciitis). I needed an alternative. Luckily, although I didn't think so at the time, my previous . . . Read more

As I wrote on this page, I have a stratospherically high level of cholesterol. So much so, that I was in a study group in Sussex, UK (a long time ago!). So I was heartened to read recently that those who age with a higher level of cholesterol appear to be at a lower risk . . . Read more

Here's the view from my 'gym' – it's from the top of the hill I climb most mornings as part of my daily exercise. Living on Hong Kong Island as I did for 19 years, my stress levels had been rising steadily for some time to the point that my fuse was so short the . . . Read more