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Martin MaldenThanks for visiting!

My name is Martin and I hope you’ve found the information on this site useful.

Just so you know where I’m coming from, I am a prime candidate for a stroke or death as a result of some variation of heart disease.

Both my parents died from heart disease, all my mother’s siblings died from heart disease, my brother has an elevated cholesterol level and my cholesterol level is stratospheric. (At one time I was in a study group in Sussex, UK, because my cholesterol level was so high).

So I do have a vested interest in maintaining my health and, having gone through multiple cholesterol-lowering drugs over the past many decades (all of which had unpleasant side-effects), I have a feverish desire to find natural solutions to today’s health problems.

More on that later. In the meantime…

… What will this site do for you?

This site is about inflammation in your body: what it does, what generates it, why it sometimes goes wrong and what happens when it does.

It’s also about how to reduce your inflammation.

You can find some of that information on this page and get access to a more detailed guide on this page.

Some more background on me:

I’m a Formula 1 nut, a rugby union follower, I used to play keyboards in a band and I’m an avid Beatles fan.

I’m also a Network Marketing professional. That means that if you would like to learn how to develop a second income working from home, I can help! Just click here for more information.

My parents were Brits, but I grew up in Rhodesia (they call it Zimbabwe these days) and I’ve lived in Hong Kong since January 1995.

I worked in the telecommunications industry for many years, but I’ve been self-employed running my own website services and Internet marketing business since August 2009. And I love the flexibility and freedom that brings me.

I’m also a carrier of Cyto Megalo Virus (CMV). A bit like malaria, when you’ve got CMV you have it for life and it reminds me whenever it feels like it!

Generally that means when I’m run down, stressed or not eating properly.

When I have a relapse it’s usually a 2 – 4 month affair, and it’s exceedingly unpleasant while it lasts. Of that period, there’s generally about 10 days when I am, quite literally, unable to move out of my flat.

As a result (and because of the family history I referred to above), I’ve developed a keen interest in making sure my immune system is as healthy as it can possibly be (CMV is a virus, so I have to leave my immune system to deal with it as best it can).

As I wrote on this page, I found the original anti-inflammatory product that I used pretty much by accident. But it did bring me complete relief from the pain I was experiencing as a result of my Plantar Fasciitis.

What I didn’t realise when I first tried it is that, by de-toxifying me, it’s also strengthening my immune system.

Hopefully, that will both reduce the number of times the CMV reminds me of its presence and speed up my recovery time when it does.

Even more importantly, I’ve learnt through my research that inflammation is at the root of the type of heart disease that has afflicted (fatally) my mother’s generation of my family. You’ll find reference to it here, and full details in my report on inflammation.

If you would like to get in touch please click here – all my contact details are on that page.

Do please keep in mind, though, that I’m not a doctor, and in no way am I qualified to give medical advice – I can only relate my own experiences.

To eliminating your pain and improving your health!


Martin Malden

Important note: I am not a doctor and the products I refer to on this website should not be used as a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. All opinions I put forward on this website are my own personal opinions, based on my own personal experiences. You should always consult your doctor for professional medical advice.