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Articles on General HealthI’ve been using natural treatments to control my cholesterol level since early 1999.

In 2000 I suffered my first bout of Cyto Megalo Virus and, because it’s a virus, I needed to strengthen my immune system to help it overcome the little wretch!

At that time I used Echinacea but, since then I’ve discovered plenty of other ways to strengthen my immune system – not just through supplements but through my diet and lifestyle.

These articles cover some of those ways, including the most recent area I’ve been focusing on: inflammation.

Enjoy, and please share the articles where you can – thank you!

The more I read and learn about essential oils the more enthused I become. I’m a great believer in preventative medicine on the basis that prevention is better than cure, so my first priority when I look at all-natural remedies and treatments is from that perspective. But the more I learn about essential oils the Read more

An article today on the BBC health website urges people over the age of 50 to consider taking aspirin every day for 10 years in order to reduce the risk of contracting cancer. Thankfully the article’s author has been honest enough to talk about the risks of taking aspirin over an extended period of time Read more

I read an article recently that suggested (based on a study done in Scotland) that 6 seconds of high-intensity exercise can transform the health of older people, who generally lead less active lives. I have always been sceptical of ideas such as this, and here’s why: In ancient times humans did not exercise in 6-second Read more

I was first introduced to natural medicines by a doctor I met in the late 90’s. At that time I had a stratospherically high cholesterol level, which I happened to mention in passing to someone at the gym I was using. He, in turn, mentioned the name of Brian Walker who, I was told, had Read more