Exercise Can Be as Good as Pills for Treating Heart Disease

A female senior citizen swimmingI read an interesting article on the BBC website today: it explained that a recent study has found that exercise may be as good as medication for treating people with heart disease.

It went on to explain that that doesn’t mean we all have to rush off down to the gym and start lifting weights (although that’s not a bad thing!), but that simple exercise such as cycling or walking can offer major benefits.

As I wrote in this article, I recently swapped my gym for hiking in the hills on Hong Kong Island, and I’m loving the change of routine.

It’s good to get out into the fresh air (well ‘fresh’ is probably being kind given the pollution levels here!) and we have spectacular scenery to admire while getting a good cardio workout.

Anyway, the message is that exercise is good, but don’t give up the pills.

You can read the full article here.


Martin Malden
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