Hiking in Hong Kong – SOO Much Nicer than the Gym!

Black's Link, Hong Kong Island, looking towards Ocean Park and the South China SeaMy gym membership expired at the end of August.

It (the gym) had recently re-located to an old, run-down building and was, itself, in pretty poor shape.

The machines were poorly maintained (nothing that a bit of WD40 wouldn’t have cured) and the place was somewhat depressing to visit. Not good for a gym!

So I didn’t renew my membership.

Instead I decided to start regular hiking up the hills on Hong Kong Island again. This was something that I’d had to give up a while ago because of my plantar fasciitis. But, having got that sorted out, I was in a position to start again.

And what a pleasure (for the most part) it’s been.

I say ‘for the most part’ because I’ve twice been caught out in torrential downpours – the kind that you only get in a tropical environment! It didn’t matter that much, though, because the rain is still warm at this time of year.

No, the problem was that the spectacular views that you get from the tops of the hills here was obscured. Here’s a view looking towards Ocean Park and the South China Sea from the walk along Black’s Link on Hong Kong Island:

View towards Ocean Park from Black's Link

Anyway, I’ve now been doing this 3 or 4 times a week for the past 3 weeks – and it’s so much nicer than the gym.

The workout my lower body is getting is harder that it was in the gym and it’s great cardio exercise but, of course, my upper body is getting nothing.

That’s something I need to think about because of my back: I suffered a pro-lapsed disc about 5 years ago and, since then, exercises to strengthen and maintain my core have been at the root of my gym routine.

I need to find a way to resume those.

Anyway, I’m enjoying my new exercise routine and even picking up a bit of a sun tan while doing it 🙂


Martin Malden
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