Reduce Inflammation in Your Body Naturally – a Free 15-Page Guide

The pain caused by Inflammation made my life miserable

inflammation in the footThe pain that inflammation causes can be crippling, as it was for me: in November, 2012, I was unable to walk unaided when I got out of bed each morning and the hiking that I loved to do was no longer possible.

I had a serious case of plantar fasciitis.

But I’ve learnt how to reduce my inflammation, alleviate the pain and so be able to resume my hiking, using natural methods and products – exercise, diet and all-natural treatments.

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More serious than the inflammation that causes you pain, though, is the inflammation that does not cause you pain (until it’s too late): inflammation in your arteries, heart, liver, kidneys and other major organs.

A guide on Reducing Inflammation NaturallyWhat this guide covers

This free guide explains why inflammation is essential to your survival, what causes your body to generate inflammation and what happens when the inflammation process goes wrong.

It also introduces 5 all-natural anti-inflammatory products.

Most importantly, it goes through ways to reduce your inflammation using natural methods, all-natural products and modifying your diet, thereby enabling you to avoid the side-effects created by prescription anti-inflammatories.

The plantar fasciitis (an inflammation-related condition) that I suffered from was so painful that I took time to learn as much as I could about inflammation – and I’ve set out what I learnt in this guide.

Better still, it includes excerpts from, and links to, articles and video clips by other researchers, doctors and even a heart surgeon, all discussing the impact inflammation can have on your health.

Learn about inflammation and how you can reduce it using natural methods and products.

In this guide you will discover:

  • Why inflammation is essential to your survival
  • How the environment you live in causes your body to generate inflammation
  • How the inflammation process can get out of control and what happens when it does
  • The role of inflammation in heart disease and other serious illnesses
  • What members of the medical profession are saying about inflammation
  • Why cholesterol is good for you
  • How to reduce your inflammation, particularly chronic inflammation, using natural methods and products

Give your health a fighting chance – get my free 15-page guide that explores the causes of inflammation and how to reduce it naturally.