Why You Should Say as Little as You Possibly Can if You Want to Grow Your Business

A bag of productsWhen it comes to promoting your Network Marketing business you always have a choice of what to lead with: the product or the business opportunity. But, whichever you choose, always remember to say as little as you can get away with.

Whether you choose to lead with the product or the business opportunity will depend on a couple of things:

  • Who you’re talking to (either face-to-face or via a blog post, Facebook update, email or other digital channel)
  • Your own preference – meaning which you feel most comfortable promoting

I decided a while ago that my preferred approach would be to lead with the product, and there are a couple of reasons for that:

  1. In my case the product did a fantastic job for me
  2. I believe that if someone buys the product, likes it and decides to join the business, they will be more committed to the business for the long term and better able to sell the product themselves

However, even when you’ve decided on your preferred approach, you will need to change it depending on the circumstance you’re in: you don’t want to be promoting the product to someone who’s asking you about the business opportunity!

So it’s important to decide which you prefer to lead with but you do need to develop your approach for both.

Two examples of leading with the product and why you should say as little as possible

Here are two situations I encountered recently:

A week ago I was sitting having a quiet drink when someone I knew vaguely (but hadn’t seen for a while) walked in. We got talking and asked each other what we were doing.

My response to that question is always: ‘I market natural anti-inflammatory and stress-relief solutions’.

I never say any more than that, because if there’s one thing I’ve learnt it’s this: say as little as you can get away with, whether you’re talking about your product or your business opportunity.

If the person you’re talking to is interested they’ll ask questions and, if they’re not, the conversation will move on. But if you ramble on about how wonderful your product (or biz opp) is, whoever you’re talking to will start looking for a way to escape as soon as they can!

So I gave my stock answer and the guy immediately said that he had a really painful hip and the anti-inflammatory treatments he had been using were never effective for very long.

So, in about 2 or 3 sentences, I explained what Nopalea does and then gave him my business card and explained what to look for on this site (again, saying as little as I could get away with but, this time, pointing him to where he could find the detailed information).

I haven’t seen him since then so I don’t know what the result is but, whether or not he orders some Nopalea, that is the approach I use when I lead with the product.

The second situation was with my accountant: we were due to have a meeting 4 days ago and he postponed it because he had very bad shoulder pain and wasn’t in the office.

After re-scheduling the meeting I simply said: ‘Sorry to hear about your shoulder – I’ll email you a couple of links to something that may be able to help you’. And I emailed him the link to the ‘Relieve Pain’ page on this site.

Once again, I’ve not spoken to him since then (we’re meeting this coming Thursday) but I simply pointed him to some information that would help with his problem.

So what’s the message here? Simply this:

In your day to day conversations simply listen out for people’s problems and point them to a solution while saying as little as you can possibly get away with.

But use the system!

Of course, taking this approach does require that you have a system in place – a means of delivering more details.

And one of the characteristics of the Network Marketing industry is that, not just Trivita, but all Network Marketing companies have exactly that: a system you can use to help you grow your business.

In my case, I didn’t use it when I first started out, though.

I thought I had to be deeply knowledgeable on every aspect of the products, and the business opportunity, and that I had to close a sale (of either the product or the biz opp) with everyone I spoke to.

Big mistake!

I drove myself crazy with frustration and began to feel very discouraged.

The people you want to be talking to are people who are interested in what you have to say. And the best way to find those people is to say as little as possible yourself, but keep your ears wide open.

Listen for their problems and point them to solutions.

So the first thing to do is learn your company’s system: what have they put in place to help you grow both your product sales and your team?

Then work out how you, personally, will use that system.

Save yourself from frustration

Recognise that many people will not be interested in either your product or your biz opp.

If you go rattling on about the fantastic compensation plan, or the wonderful results your product gives, to someone who’s not interested they will be bored and you will get frustrated.

Which brings me back to my main message: when talking to people about your product or business opportunity always say as little as you can possibly get away with.

Prepare a short, factual response to the question ‘What do you do?’, and deliver it when anyone asks you.

Those that are interested will ask follow-on questions, which will lead into a more detailed (and positive) conversation.

But even then, still say as little as you can. Ask questions back, get as much information from the person you’re talking to as possible, and then point them to the company video, your website or whatever system you have set up to present the product or business opportunity.

I use Trivita’s Online Wellness Centre in these situations. By asking questions I can more clearly understand the health problems people are dealing with. I then do a search of the Online Wellness Centre for an article that addresses their problem and I email them the link, with my affiliate ID embedded.

That gets them on to the Trivita website via my affiliate link and anything they order will be credited to me.

So say as little as you can, learn the company’s system and then use that and the tools they’ve set up to do the job of presenting the products or the business opportunity. It will save you tons of frustration!


Martin Malden

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  • Nate Leung July 31, 2013, 3:35 am

    Hey Martin!

    I like your approach. As for me, I would say something like you would or I would say something like, “What I do is help people with their XYZ problem.”

    Or I’ll say something like, “I help people generate a second source of income from home.”

    You would be surprised how well that works for me. Just like yourself, I just say that, and if they respond, then I will throw in… “Why, are you looking for a second source of income?”

    This way, it initiates it and gets the conversation moving…

    I believe sometimes if I don’t say anything, sometimes the prospect doesn’t realize they are even looking for an opportunity…

    What they do realize is that they are tired of their job and looking for “something” else but does not know what… sometimes as network marketers we need to assist in that dept.

    Then that way, if they are piqued, then I’ll ask them if they are willing to take a look at some information and go from there.

    But I agree with you, say less to people and leverage the system and let the system do the work for you!

    Great post Martin!

    • Martin Malden July 31, 2013, 6:26 am

      Hi Nate,

      The response ‘I help people create a second income from home’ is a great one – I’m going to try that one and see how it works.

      The reason I’ve used the ‘Natural anti-inflammatory…’ response is because I’ve always led with the product, but the ‘second income’ response is definitely one I’ll try.

      Fantastic suggestion – many thanks..!