Sleep is Part of Your Brain’s Housekeeping Process (Apparently)

A Woman SleepingA recent study has shown that your brain uses the time you’re asleep to wash away toxins that build up during your waking hours.

We’ve always known that sleep is a vital factor in maintaining good health – in fact sleep deficiency has been linked as a contributing factor to heart attacks, cancer, strokes, diabetes and obesity.

More immediately noticeable is the way you feel during the day if you have poor sleeping patterns: tired, listless, irritable and depressed.

But this recent study has shown that, during sleep, the brain shrinks. This increases the space between the brain tissues which allows toxins to be washed away.

Although, according to researchers, more study is necessary, it’s now thought possible (as a result of this study) that deficiency in your brain’s cleaning system may be a contributing factor to Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s Diseases.

Again, the researchers do caution that more research must be done before this can be said with confidence.

To read the full article on the BBC website describing the results of this study click here.


Martin Malden
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