If I could Show You a way …

If I could show you a way of developing a second stream of income, working from home, that did not interfere with what you’re currently doing, would you be open to more information?

If not, no problem – just hit the ‘Back’ button because I wouldn’t want to waste your time

But, if that does sound interesting, then let me give you a quick introduction …

I’m an Independent Product Consultant for doTERRA essential oils and, if you’ve ever thought about how you might be able to increase your income, this may interest you.

The video below (2 minutes) introduces the products – take a moment to watch it.

Introduction to doTERRA and essential oils (2 minutes)

For more details on doTERRA’s management team, quality standards and an easy-to-follow introduction to the business opportunity and compensation plan, please download the brochure I’ve linked to below (please be patient, it may take a few seconds to download!):

Click here to download the details.

After you’ve watched the video and read through that brochure do please click here to get in touch with me so I can answer your questions.

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Here’s what you get as a doTERRA Independent Product Consultant:

  • Detailed training and documentation
  • Your own personalised, multi-lingual, multi-currency online store, from which your customers buy products
  • Unique, highly effective, all-natural health products based on essential oils
  • No buying, holding or delivering stock (all inventory and order delivery is handled by the company)
  • The ability to market your products locally, nationally or Internationally
  • Commission on your sales, and the sales of people who join you, progressively to 7 levels down (covered in the brochure I linked to above)
  • Special additional (bonus) commissions for loyal, regular product buyers (covered in the brochure I linked to above)

Get all the details and start building a second income stream today:

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Important note: I am not a doctor and the products I refer to on this website should not be used as a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. All opinions I put forward on this website are my own personal opinions, based on my own personal experiences. You should always consult your doctor for professional medical advice.