Why is There Little Difference Between Affiliate Marketers and Car Dealers?

Quality InspectorOn the page where I describe my network marketing company’s business opportunity I said that you need to be a user of the product in order to join the affiliate program.

Some may wonder why that is, and the answer is straight-forward: quality control.

Any company has the right to choose the channels through which it sells its products.

If it chooses to sell through a distribution network, whether that’s dealers, resellers, agents or, in the online world, affiliates, it also has the right to set the quality standards it requires of those entities.

That’s because those entities will be the primary customer touch-points and, therefore, define the experience its customers enjoy.

It follows, therefore, that it also has the right to choose the distributors it takes on and to terminate those that fail to meet the standards.

This is how business has been conducted in the real world since time immemorial.

Car dealers don’t make Mercedes or Toyota cars, but they do represent those companies and are required to do so in line with the manufacturers’ market positioning and quality standards. And their staff, certainly their senior staff, are expected to drive Mercedes or Toyotas.

Affiliate marketing is basically an online dealership.

It’s about selling someone else’s product for a commission and it’s no different from being a dealer or an agent – it’s just the name that’s been given to people who do it online.

There’s nothing new or unusual, therefore, about my network marketing company’s requirements.

It simply wants to ensure that its customers enjoy a good experience and one of the ways to do that is by managing who sells its products on its behalf, given that they’ve chosen to distribute their products through affiliates.

So the reason my network marketing company requires that you’re a user of the products in order to join the program is, firstly, because they have the right to do so and, secondly, to ensure that you’re able to position the product accurately, based on your own experiences, to prospective customers.

It’s one of the many steps they go through to ensure a consistently high level of quality throughout the business.

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